Mission of Mercy In Northern Virginia

Dr. Quynh-Chi Nguyen and her Paradise Smiles Team participated in the Northern Virginia “Mission of Mercy” (M.O.M) Project, held at the Northern Virginia Community College Medical Campus in Springfield, VA. The program offers free dental care to low-income residents who do not have the means for dental treatment.

nguyen mom2

Mission of Mercy is a growing national non-profit organization whose mission is to being modern healthcare to those without, including dental care. As a participating dental provider, Dr. Quynh-Chi Nguyen donatd her time and dentistry skills while bringing a new smile to the faces of the those in need.

nguyen momMaintaining good oral health is an important part of overall healthcare- poor dental health can reduce quality of life and have an impact on several larger health concerns such as systemic disease and cardiovascular disease.

Enabling someone who has not seen the dentist in some time to walk away with a fresh, clean smile and improved oral health is rewarding for ALL involved in the process of making this happen!

nguyen mom4For many, preventive dental care falls to the bottom of the list of demands on a limited monthly income, but a healthy smile can often help to support overall good health- an important part of enabling those who are struggling to make strides toward getting ahead.

Dr. Nguyen and her staff enjoyed their time serving the Mission of Mercy and look forward to future opportunities for community outreach.