Straighten Teeth With Six Month Smile

507651243Are you looking for a quick and effective way to straighten your teeth? Chantilly dentist Dr. Quynh-Chi Nguyen offers Six Month Smiles as an orthodontic treatment. A revolutionary orthodontic procedure, Six Month Smiles can realign teeth and restore confidence. To find out if Six Month Smiles is right for you contact Paradise Smiles of Chantilly.

Six Month Smile Chantilly, VA

Everyone should feel confident when they smile. Smiling with confidence may improve your social and professional life. Smiling has also proven to extend your life and increase overall quality of life. Traditional metal braces have long been straightening smiles, but many adult patients resist metal braces due to their cumbersome quality and associated discomforts. Some patients may also feel uncomfortable having adult metal braces at work or while dating. Six Month Smile may be the solution for your misaligned teeth.

Six Month Smile focuses on the teeth that are visible in your smile. Dr. Nguyen will fit you with clear braces that will quickly and comfortably reposition your teeth. Most patients will see results with in six months. Six month smiles can help treat crowded, crooked, or gaps in teeth. Six Month Smile is ideal for adult patients with minor to moderate orthodontic needs. If you have been seeking a solution for your mild orthodontia concerns, ask Dr. Nguyen about Six Month Smile.

Clear Braces Alternative

Dr. Nguyen also offers her patients Invisalign. A clear braces option, Invisalign is great for teens and adults. Through a series of custom fit aligners, Dr. Nguyen will build an Invisalign treatment plan that will gradually realign your teeth. Invisalign generally takes about one year. Invisalign is removable and nearly invisible when worn.

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Do not be embarrassed of your smile. Contact our Chantilly dentist office to find out what orthodontic treatment can help you straighten your smile. Remember, misaligned teeth are often a sign of more serious oral health conditions. Cosmetic dental concerns should always be addressed by Dr. Nguyen to prevent further damage to your teeth.