NuCalm For Dental Anxiety

header-logoFear of the dentist is one of the top excuses patient’s use for avoiding dental care for their oral health. Chantilly dentist Dr. Quynh-Chi Nguyen is making that excuse impossible to use. Paradise Smiles now offers the revolutionary NuCalm technology for a restful and stress free dentist office experience.

Dental anxiety should not become between you and a beautiful smile. NuCalm is a non invasive, drug free and totally pain free system that puts you into a low stress mental state. With innovative technology, NuCalm uses 4 simple steps to create a totally calm and relaxed feeling within our patients.

4 Steps of NuCalm Chantilly, FL

  • NuCalm Topical Cream: This hypoallergenic FDA approved cream is comprised of inhibitory neurotransmitters that will work to disrupt the flow of adrenaline that naturally makes you feel stressed.
  • NuCalm Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation: A small patch will be applied behind each of your ears. These patches use micro-currents to stimulate feelings of relaxation.
  • NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software: Headphones will transmit Alpha and Theta frequencies that calm the mind down.
  • NuCalm Light Blocking Eye Mask: You will also wear a comfortable eye mask to block out all lights that will help to calm and ease your anxiety.

Nucalm reduces stress, helps you sleep better, and has no required down time after use. NuCalm will allow you to sit back and relax all while our highly trained dental care team refreshes and rejuvenates your teeth and gums.

Your oral health is essential to your overall well being. Taking care of your teeth and gums with regular visits to the dentist office can help you maintain the health of your entire body. If you suffer from dental anxiety, contact our Chantilly office. Our compassionate team will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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